February 25, 2016


companies that pay you to recycle

We’re going to let you in on the best kept secret in the green industry - you can earn money for recycling more than just plastic bottles and cans. We found five companies that allow you to trade in your nontraditional recyclable goods for cash or rewards. No need to thank us, we’re here to help.


get paid to recycle electronics

Send any used Apple electronic device to the company’s recycling program and if it can be reused, they will send you a gift card to apply towards your next purchase. If your Apple device doesn’t qualify for their program, they’ll take care of recycling the item for you, at no additional cost.


get paid to recycle batteries

National companies such as Autozone (or even local shops in your community) purchase old car batteries for cash. Make money to put towards your new car battery and let someone take the old one off your hands, it’s a win-win!


get paid to recycle gift cards

Sell your valid gift cards to websites like GiftCardRescue, that buys unwanted gift cards for cash. Most people don’t know that gift cards are made with PVC, a plastic that can be recycled so you can reduce your carbon footprint and make money at the same time!2>


get paid to recycle ink cartridges

Ink cartridges can be dropped off at big box stores like Best Buy for store credit or rewards. Although printing is almost extinct these days, we all have that home printer we use for printing our boarding pass or concert tickets that seems to always run out of ink at the worst time. Rather than tossing the used cartridges in the trash, drop them off at your local store while you’re there buying your new one.


recycle makeup and get paid

MAC has major perks for recycling your outdated or used makeup containers. The cosmetics company offers a free lipstick of your choice for every six containers you turn into the store, counter or even online. This makes cleaning out your makeup drawer worth it!

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Posted by Dina on January 31, 2024

If i have empty cartridgecsrtridges what do i get for them. Have inks and reman csrtridges. What do you pay for them

Posted by Mohammed konneh on October 20, 2022

I am a new in the recycling industry and need international both buyers and sellers my country is Liberia is located in West Africa my focus right now is plastics recycling I was working with some plastics companies in UAE 🇦🇪