April 06, 2016


recycling wine corks

In the United States alone, we consumer over 4 billion bottles of wine each year. Yes, 4 Billion! As we sip a glass of wine over dinner, cork forests around the globe are working overtime to keep up with demand for the natural cork stoppers vinters use to bottle our favorite vintage. Despite the fact that cork is biodegradable, the disposal of billions of corks per year poses a big problem for our landfills.

We agree with scientists who say wine is good for your health. So here are some tips on how to recycle your wine corks so you can keep raising a glass, guilt free. RE.BIN is the perfect way to store your corks until they’re ready to be recycled, so do your part and start saving your corks now!

Store Recycling Programs:

Stores around the country are beginning to introduce cork recycling programs for their customers. For example, Whole Foods Market has initiated a store-wide cork recycling program that is currently available to shoppers in the United States, Canada and United Kingdom. On your next trip to Whole Foods, look for designated Cork Reharvest Boxes to unload your used cork collection. If your local retailers aren’t as eco-conscious as you are, companies like Jelinek Cork and CORKCLUB accept corks by mail and are happy to recycle the corks for you!  

How Corks Are Recycled:

Organizations like Re-Cork are tackling the issue of cork waste by bridging the gap between consumers and companies who use cork materials in the manufacturing of their products. Wine corks can be reused in a variety of products, from flooring to insulation to furniture and even shoes! Innovative companies are inventing new ways to incorporate cork into their products such as a 100% recycled cork yoga mat and traction pad.

DIY Cork Projects:

If you have some extra time on your hands, use some of these creative DIY projects to recycle your corks in your own home!

DIY cork candle holderCandle Holder
DIY cork artMake a Bulletin Board
cork plantersMagnet Planters
diy cork USB Flash Drive
DIY cork wallDart Backsplash
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How can I connect local businesses with a cork recycling program?

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