RE.BIN was founded to promote sustainability through functional, innovative design.
We strive to make eco-friendly living a simple, intuitive, attractive choice for everyone.

We set out to make a sustainable recycling bin designed for apartment living that was simple yet beautiful. Like most of you, we’ve spent years recycling in paper grocery bags or bulky blue recycling bins that take up half the kitchen. Not to mention the countless minutes we've wasted returning that bulky bin to our apartments when we're already running late. We knew there had to be a better way, so we created RE.BIN: the easy way to recycle in style.

The recycling bin redesigned

Made in Vermont from 100% recycled plastic, RE.BIN is a simple sustainable recycling bin that can be used with any paper grocery bag liner for an easy, clean, sustainable recycling experience.


RE.BIN's sleek minimalist design looks great on display, but is also small enough to fit inside a normal-sized kitchen cabinet.


Just as functional as it is stylish, RE.BIN can be used with a paper grocery bag liner and its compact design is perfect for apartment living.


RE.BIN is a reusable recycling bin that is made in Vermont from 100% recycled plastic that can also be recycled.


Made in the USA to support our local economy, assure compliance with U.S. environmental standards, and minimize the carbon footprint.


The modern alternative to the traditional recycling bin, RE.BIN was designed for the urban dweller or millennial who is busy and tight on space.


Use a paper bag liner to keep your RE.BIN clean and make recycling easy. Simply grab the liner to recycle everything on your way out the door.


315 billion pounds of plastic are currently in our oceans, and 90% of all trash found in the ocean is plastic.

We made RE.BIN from 100% recycled plastic that can also be recycled because we didn’t want to make a product that would result in more waste. RE.BIN is manufactured in the United States to assure compliance with U.S. environmental standards and to minimize the carbon footprint. 


1% of our profits are donated to non-profit organizations dedicated to cleaning up and removing plastic from our oceans.


The idea for RE.BIN came about when I was visiting a friend in Washington D.C. Cleaning up after dinner, I asked where her recycling bin was and she answered, “I don’t recycle.” She explained that she didn’t have enough space in her small apartment for two trashcans in the kitchen and didn’t want a big unsightly blue recycling bin sitting out in the middle of her living room.

I realized then that the reason people don't recycle is twofold: not only is it inconvenient, it’s also not pretty. As a thank you gift I went online to buy her a sleek, compact recycling bin that would seamlessly fit in with her design aesthetic, but I couldn’t find anything. That’s when I decided to make one.

I spent the next year thinking about the right design for an apartment-size recycling bin that would be unobtrusive, good looking and easy to use.  I looked at how the people around me were recycling and found that most were already using leftover paper grocery bags. I designed RE.BIN with that in mind.



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