"Recycling doesn’t have to be such an eyesore. We’re fans over here of RE.BIN—both of its sustainability and how it turns an everyday necessity into something aesthetically pleasing."


"Do you always feel guilty about forgetting your reusable totes at the grocery store? Thanks to a Kickstarter campaign, RE.BIN created a recycling bin that perfectly fits your paper grocery bags. Now you can recycle your bag along with your paper and plastic waste."


"This recycling bin wants to replace the unattractive bins we all secretly hate. RE.BIN . . . takes a seldom discussed issue—recycling bins are kind of ugly and often too bulky—and provides a simple solution."


"RE.BIN is a recycling bin made from 100 percent recycled plastic. Adorably shaped and designed as a classic brown paper bag, it can fit easily into standard-sized cabinets or smaller spaces in general and a paper grocery bag can be used as a liner as well."

"The design of the recycling bin hasn't changed much since its inception, until now: the RE.BIN takes a more stylish approach to recycling materials. . .  One of the best parts about the 'RE.BIN' is that it's crafted much more sustainably than other designs on the market."


"My bin is sparking some serious joy with every tossed piece of recyclable paper or plastic, can or glass—it’s so aesthetically pleasing I want to leave it out as a conversation piece."

"Do you use paper bags for recycling? If so, you’ll probably like the RE.BIN. It’s made entirely of 100% recycled plastic and works as a container for standard paper grocery bags. RE.BIN keeps the bag in place and cleans up its appearance, which makes your recycling station that much more aesthetically appealing."

"This isn’t one of those bulky, unattractive, leave-it-on-the-curb recycling bins. The team at RE.BIN noticed how inconvenient recycling can be in smaller, urban apartments – not to mention they tend to be an eyesore. With its modern, minimalist design, RE.BIN is intended to be visually displayed in an open living area like a kitchen or living room."

"Designed with clean lines and a minimalist appearance, the bin is a far cry from classic recycling bins which are usually hidden in a kitchen cabinet. . . . It’s a clever design decision that brings recycling to open living spaces, instead of delegating it to dark, closed sections of the home, and places sustainability at the center of everyday activities."

"RE.BIN is a stylish and sustainable alternative to the traditional recycling bin, crafted to minimize its ecological footprint. The functional and innovative design aims to make eco-friendly living an easier and more attractive choice for all."

"RE.BIN is the contemporary alternative to the traditional, boring recycling bin." "Simply place your RE.BIN in your kitchen, living area or office for a visually pleasing, convenient recycling bin."


"This might be the prettiest way to recycle"

"Made in the U.S.A. of 100% recycled plastic, RE.BIN is designed specifically to help save space in smaller, urban apartments. Recycling garbage in recycled bags supported by a bin made of recycled garbage – kind of the ideal sustainable product."